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Research is the beating heart of the line.
A research that is born exactly from an impulse, an innate propensity shared by the whole "gli elementi" team, a real impulse to always seek the new, to imagine the material in its most advanced forms and characterized by great sensoriality, an aptitude to discover and to want to transform. Our passion is the "human ingredient" that makes challenges possible.

Made in Italy

An irrepressible creative force and truly incomparable results of an evolution-in-progress, without the classic industrial "superstructures", but all wisely constructed in an ingenious, very careful and tireless "tailor-made" work that is proudly MADE IN ITALY.

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Each of our products is designed and manufactured with excellent quality standards and periodically re-formulated, updated and improved to keep up with the evolution of the best research and the market.
The entire line is expertly prepared within modern turbo-emulsifiers, equipped with every integrated control system, to preserve freshness of properties and safety of conservation.