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Geothermal Water

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Thermal spring as a rediscovery of an inner, pre-existing universe that we all have within us and only needs to resurface.
Therefore, not luxury, but an intimate dimension..
Those who choose "gli elementi" adhere to a healthy and accessible lifestyle, to a shared mood. And the brand aims to suggest that, as in spa relaxation, it is possible to transform the physical space of one's own bathroom and the time dedicated to daily gestures into an emotional space.
Here, every day e and not only on great occasions, you will find a part of yourself to talk to and a much more extensive well-being than that of the "simple mere result" of using the product.

Two sources

鈥済li elementi鈥 sono l鈥unica linea ad impiegare 2 diverse sorgenti di acque termali (sulfurea e
) geograficamente site nella stessa stazione termale e con l鈥檃pporto di minerali di differente natura e peculiarit脿.

Sulphurous geothermal walter

The SULPHUROUS GEOTHERMAL WATER is a very detoxifying, "calm" and deep water. Its richness in active oligoelements such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and iodine, makes it a carrier of extraordinary dermo-cosmetic properties: It purifies and detoxifies the skin, it stimulates its defense mechanisms, it has a sanitizing, antiseptic and normalizing action, very soothing, it is an excellent remineralizer.

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Salsobromoiodic geothermal water

The SALSOBROMOIODIC GEOTHERMAL WATER It is to all effects a 鈥渟ea water鈥, which dates back to ancient geological eras and whose 鈥減resence鈥 can only be found in underground basins. Rich in oligoelements and minerals, it has outstanding properties: remineralizes and intensely recharges the skin, relaunches cell regeneration, draws liquids to the surface by osmosis, stimulates peripheral microcirculation, has a draining and resolving action.