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Made in Italy

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Our history, all proudly Italian, is born from a wonderful interpretation of the cosmetic experience: it is experienced on the skin but it is an immersion in ourselves. It all starts here: the water element, our geothermal origin, a deep bond with nature and territory ... and as an alchemy of these, an intimate and subtle dialogue to rediscover our inner and epidermal beauty.


A family path of competence and passion is the basis of a company that is constantly evolving and sensitive to the epochal turning points of the markets. A careful, rigorous, traceable, always innovative and entirely MADE IN ITALY production chain, from the conception of each product to its realization. A brand that extends its platform from e-commerce to physical retail, developing a multi-channel shopping experience, more inclusive and more and more connected to the digital world.

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A geothermal cosmetic no longer conceived in the "old meaning" that limits it to "healthy", "effective" and "natural"; today being able to boast a true geothermal origin means first of all enhancing its indissoluble link with the territory and, not less important, embracing the new ecological sensitivity with a great attention to the conscious use of resources and the sustainability of each process. Geothermal waters and muds are unique raw materials and the fulcrum of each formulation, for highly performing cutting-edge solutions, in products that would never be such without the precious contribution of the natural spring component.